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Servers 0-30 of about 41.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Germany Tactical-Ops.eu 3.4 Archive 2823 Maps 16/32 TO-Trooper Unreal Tournament Berlin, DE 2d3h0min48s
United States Clan {DOU} -=Sniper Server=- **CAMPERS ONLY** Co... 7/20 DM-[RSA]LiandriEstate Unreal Tournament Kansas City, US 2d3h0min49s
Germany #### destination MonsterHunt [Main] #### [www.de... 3/26 MH-JurassicParkv1+Fix Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min49s
Germany #### destination MonsterHunt [Crazy - NaliWeapon... 2/20 MH-AS_ColdSteel Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min49s
United Kingdom BunnyTrack.net Official Server 2 of 2 | Great BT... 1/16 CTF-BT-Someeasyrushmap Unreal Tournament London, GB 2d3h0min43s
Germany UT LowGrav SNIPER Hard'n Heavy utforever 1/16 DM-Door302 Unreal Tournament Frankfurt, DE 2d3h0min27s
United States Transformers Lounge Waiting for players... 0/32 CTF-AGBmadeIn5minutes Unreal Tournament Elk Grove Village, US 2d3h0min45s
Canada [PURE] zp| .:ZfA:. [DM] Zarks Fallen Angels UT99... 0/32 DM-Codex Unreal Tournament Montreal, CA 2d3h0min49s
United States zp| * * * -=[SIEGE]=- |uK| The One Nigh... 0/23 CTF-(+)-BioHazard Unreal Tournament Ashburn, US 2d3h0min48s
Germany #### destination MonsterHunt [Crazy - NaliWeapon... 0/20 MH-Glider Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min48s
Germany Eiskalte Waechter Public-Clan-Server I [ESE-Prot... 0/20 TO-Trooper Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min48s
United States The Realm V2 Waiting for players... 0/18 CTF-AGBmadeIn5minutes-AntiSpam Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 2d3h0min48s
Germany Killerbee's Classic Deathmatch | Sponsored by ()mG 0/18 DM-Curse][ Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min43s
Netherlands mucosmos.nl Onecht 0/16 dom-Sesmar Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min43s
Germany Killerbee's Monsterhunt Palace | Sponsored by ()mG 0/16 MH-KBCrash Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min43s
Germany #### destination MonsterHunt [Mapping] ####[www.... 0/16 MH-DoDozST+LhCa Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min43s
Germany zp| #### |bah| Sniper MooCow |SniperArena-Xloc| ... 0/16 DM-SDM-Snipercamp Unreal Tournament 2d3h0min40s
United Kingdom BunnyTrack.net Official Server 1 of 2 | Great BT... 0/16 CTF-BT-FactotumV4 Unreal Tournament London, GB 3d4h38min3s
Germany Killerbee's Nali Weapons 3 Monsterhunt Palace | ... 0/16 MH-Hebereke Unreal Tournament 3d4h38min3s
Germany Killerbee's Nali Weapons II X Monsterhunt Palace... 0/14 MH-(_@_)_GameOver_Beta3 Unreal Tournament 3d4h38min3s
United States [CSHP] *FTB*~Ass Kickin' BinSlayer Server [ftbcl... 0/14 CTF-''FTB-X-Treme[HHH]V1 Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 3d4h38min3s
Germany Killerbee's Gauntlet Monsterhunt | Sponsored by ... 0/14 DM-1on1-Strogg Unreal Tournament 3d4h38min3s
Germany zp| [=======] [PURE] [INSTAGIB] [UK]... 0/13 CTF-LiandriDocks Unreal Tournament 3d4h38min3s
United States zp| [=======] [PURE] [INSTAGIB] [US]... 0/13 CTF-Klondike Unreal Tournament Ashburn, US 3d4h37min59s
United States zp| - = | C O M B O I N S T A G ... 0/13 CTF-w00tabulousFixed Unreal Tournament New York, US 3d4h37min59s
Russian Federation Shut up and play #1: DM deck16 only 0/12 DM-Deck16][AiEd05 Unreal Tournament Moscow, RU 3d4h37min59s
Germany Killerbee's Sniper Palace | Sponsored by ()mG 0/12 DM-jaCity4^CoDe^ Unreal Tournament 3d4h37min59s
United States {UTR}Low-G FreeStyle server 0/12 DM-(SUF)PsychoCity Unreal Tournament Dallas, US 3d4h37min59s
United States CROSSBONES Missile Madness {CMM} Pro Redeemer 0/10 DM-SnipersChallenge_No_Fish Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 3d4h37min59s
Russian Federation zp| [[--F.S.C.--]] Public 0/10 DM-FbRoute66 Unreal Tournament Krasnogorsk, RU 3d4h37min59s

Servers 0-30 of about 41.

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