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Servers 0-30 of about 75.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
United States zp| * * * -=[SIEGE]=- |uK| The One Nigh... 19/23 CTF-'uK-Simplex][ Unreal Tournament Ashburn, US 1d4h52min24s
Germany zp| [=======] [PURE] [INSTAGIB] [UK]... 13/13 CTF-Duku]X[ Unreal Tournament 1d4h52min24s
Germany .de [-u-]nderground nw CTF FFA by ngz-server.de ... 7/10 CTF-Revenge-LE102 Unreal Tournament 1d4h52min24s
Israel .il aljaar server Salasana 4/16 TO-Scope Unreal Tournament Rehovot, IL 8d10h6min12s
United Kingdom BunnyTrack.net Official Server UK (2 of 2) | Gre... 2/16 CTF-BT-JungleRush16v2 Unreal Tournament London, GB 1d4h52min23s
Germany [ASFZ] AlteSaeckeFunZocker 3.50 Monster 1/16 TO-1a-SnowOps Unreal Tournament Hamburg, DE 1d4h52min23s
Germany ][-LG-][ x x -=][RCKET FACE][=- x x ][... 1/15 CTF-Face Unreal Tournament 1d4h52min24s
France * LG * <-Darkness-> LowGrav Rockets Mega Serv... 0/24 CTF-HighFPS_Arena1_v05 Unreal Tournament Leers, FR 1d4h52min23s
United States [ASC] ~SiN~ FreeStyle GIB, Zark, Reg ESR, Jetfig... 0/20 DM-SiN-LivingRM][ Unreal Tournament Buffalo, US 1d4h52min23s
United States Clan {DOU} -=Sniper Server=- **CAMPERS ONLY** Co... 0/20 DM-(ZM)TrofaSoccerStadium Unreal Tournament Kansas City, US 1d4h52min23s
United Kingdom =]DoG[= Private Kennels Salasana 0/20 AS-Submarinebase][ Unreal Tournament London, GB 24d9h43min59s
Germany Eiskalte Waechter Public-Clan-Server I [ESE-Prot... 0/20 TO-Trooper Unreal Tournament 1d4h52min23s
United States The Realm V2 Waiting for players... 0/18 CTF-BeerWars Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 1d4h52min23s
United States [PURE] zp| High-Speed CTF-Face 0/16 CTF-face-le200 Unreal Tournament Dallas, US 1d4h52min23s
Israel .il Pickups Server - Teamspeak 3: Salasana 0/16 TO-RapidWaters Unreal Tournament Rehovot, IL 24d9h43min58s
Germany Killerbee's Monsterhunt Palace | Sponsored by ()mG 0/16 MH-(Orion105)Hangar-FINAL Unreal Tournament 1d4h52min23s
Russian Federation zp2| [DQ] Instagib Server 0/16 DM-(]TKK[WoodShop) Unreal Tournament Yekaterinburg, RU 1d4h52min23s
Germany =COM= Sniper [CAMPING] Server 0/16 DM-[BBST]-Tokyo Unreal Tournament Frankfurt, DE 1d4h51min9s
United States zp| [A]Synapse's MonsterHunt 0/16 MH-TGES02 Unreal Tournament Atlanta, US 1d4h52min23s
United Kingdom BunnyTrack.net Official Server UK (1 of 2) | Gre... 0/16 CTF-BT-Abomination-v2 Unreal Tournament London, GB 1d4h52min24s
Germany #### destination MonsterHunt [Mapping] ####[www.... 0/16 MH-DoDozMezz-dem2 Unreal Tournament Frankfurt, DE 1d4h52min23s
Germany Killerbee's Nali Weapons 3 Monsterhunt Palace | ... 0/16 MH-RobotFactory Unreal Tournament 1d4h52min23s
United States **********[uRh] Fly Or Die M@tr|x -unlimited am... 0/16 DM-Morpheus Unreal Tournament Dallas, US 1d4h52min23s
Germany NEWNET Freestyle *SniperWorld* Zark/B... 0/16 DM-B4_BIG_BEDROOM_NIGHT Unreal Tournament 1d4h51min49s
Germany #### destination Bunnytrack ### [www.destination... 0/16 CTF-BT(ds)RRF Unreal Tournament Frankfurt, DE 1d4h52min23s
Israel .il Public Server #2 - www.SZF.co.il [ESE] Salasana 0/16 TO-Getaway Unreal Tournament Rehovot, IL 9d20h25min9s
Germany Killerbee's Operation Na Pali | Sponsored by ()mG 0/16 NP04Hyperion Unreal Tournament 3d9h40min21s
Netherlands ROCKET - OLYMPIC - PHOENIX -------------------- ... 0/14 CTF-FaceOlympic Unreal Tournament Amsterdam, NL 1d18h27min12s
Germany Killerbee's Nali Weapons II X Monsterhunt Palace... 0/14 MH-(_@_)_KillBeforeXmas_hard Unreal Tournament 3d9h40min21s
United States [CSHP]*FTB*~Ass Kickin' BinSlayer Server [ftbcla... 0/14 CTF-'FTBu4-Deb'sHouse Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 3d9h40min21s

Servers 0-30 of about 75.

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