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Servers 0-30 of about 146.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Netherlands master.333networks.com 872/910 333networks Unreal Tournament Wormer, NL 3h45min42s
United Kingdom --- ComboGib CTF (Grapple) -- London --- EatSlee... 18/18 CTF-Almost-LE Unreal Tournament London, GB 21h4min51s
Netherlands Fast Download SMoKiNG 4 Everyone >GRAPPLE< Ser... 14/64 CTF-ColaWars-FDXf Unreal Tournament Amsterdam, NL 21h4min51s
Germany Barbies Monsterhunt World 11/26 MH-Andromeda-Ancient-Test1V Unreal Tournament Berlin, DE 21h4min51s
Russian Federation DECK16][ ALL WEAPONS 10/12 DM-Deck16][ Unreal Tournament Voronezh, RU 21h4min51s
United States -=][-=NFR=-][= -Evil's Freestyle Sniper Deathmatch 7/25 DM-!!!{ESG}-Shed Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 21h4min51s
United States Raz0rsEdge - xxx Wet Dreams 6/32 DM-FNB-Spacepods-UTR Unreal Tournament Dallas, US 21h4min51s
United States EL DORADO **US** 6/14 FN-EuroHellfunnel_II Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 21h4min51s
Germany -=]UM[=-Monster Mayhem 4/32 MH-(MHA)BreizhMyHeartHomeland1 Unreal Tournament 21h4min52s
United States EL DORADO WARS **US** 4/24 DM-!![K4F]-PunkysKitchen[OMFG]_d1 Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 21h4min50s
United States =(V)= R O C K E T - X8 - www.vulpinemission.com ... 3/33 CTF-Jets-In-Space-WOOT Unreal Tournament New York, US 21h4min50s
United States =(V)= SNIPER SMACKDOWN X-PICKUPS | NY | www.vulp... 2/33 DM-!!!{ESG}-Shed Unreal Tournament New York, US 21h4min50s
Germany -=]UM[=-MonsterHunt-EXU-WEAPONS 2/32 MH-(MHA)lamerrrrrrr Unreal Tournament 21h4min50s
Germany -=]UM[=-Monsterhunt-Naliweapon III 1/32 MH-Insecthell-UM-Fix Unreal Tournament 21h4min50s
Germany [FridayFragNights!] ClassicUT99 - All-In-One! - ... 0/32 AS-Approach Unreal Tournament 21h4min50s
Russian Federation * UT'99 * WEBA ISP Team Deathmatch 0/32 DM-BloodCabal Unreal Tournament Saint Petersburg, RU 21h4min50s
Poland [NaliWeapons3]Szondikapitany UT99 Szerver|http:/... 0/32 DM-Deck16][ Unreal Tournament Rzeszów, PL 21h4min50s
United States =(V)= MONSTERHUNT2 NaliWeapons3+RX8 *FINAL* 0/32 MH-jikyu-800en+ Unreal Tournament New York, US 21h4min50s
United States Clan {DOU} -=Translocation Practice Server=- **P... 0/32 DM-[ZSZ]XlocPractice Unreal Tournament Kansas City, US 21h4min25s
France (eXo) - Funnel 0/32 CTF-'Morbias][v2 Unreal Tournament 21h4min25s
United States Transformers Lounge Waiting for players... 0/32 CTF-w00tabulousFixed Unreal Tournament Chicago, US 21h4min24s
United States ***-=CoN=- Madness*** 0/32 DM-!!-=CoN=-JohnSniper Unreal Tournament 21h4min24s
Germany -=]UM[=-Gauntlet-EXU-Weapons 0/30 DM-UM-Snooker Unreal Tournament 7d6h57min48s
Germany -=]UM[=-Gauntlet-NaliweaponIII 0/30 DM-Redeemer-SniperHeaven Unreal Tournament 12d18h24min30s
Germany -=]UM[=-FunHouse (JB3 SP2) 0/30 JB-Scumbucket Unreal Tournament 12d18h24min30s
Japan [JPN] gachi goya #2 BT / MH 0/30 MH-Brute Unreal Tournament Osaka, JP 12d18h24min29s
Germany #### destination MonsterHunt [Main] #### [www.de... 0/26 MH-Revenge][ Unreal Tournament 7d6h57min48s
United States ***-=CoN=-Camper Sniper*** 0/25 DM-!!{DMF}Savage&Son[v2] Unreal Tournament 12d18h24min30s
Germany -=]UM[=-Monsterhunt-NaliWeapon II 0/25 MH-DestinationDancefloor Unreal Tournament 12d18h24min30s
Germany -=]UM[=-Sniper-Camping 0/24 DM-BULL_FeartowerII Unreal Tournament 12d18h24min30s

Servers 0-30 of about 146.

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