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Servers 0-30 of about 50.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Austria Azer server Salasana 23/24 batavier The Ship Judenburg, AT 1kk16d21h13min47s
United States cookie Salasana 23/24 atalanta The Ship Bedford, US 1kk16d21h13min47s
United Kingdom NerdHerd Salasana 20/32 batavier The Ship Wimborne, GB 1kk16d21h13min47s
Canada Menumuncher Server Salasana 19/20 cyclops The Ship Vancouver, CA 1kk16d21h13min46s
United States BUTTTUCK Salasana 19/20 batavier_christmas The Ship Brooklyn, US 1kk16d21h13min46s
United States meh Salasana 15/16 batavier_christmas The Ship Huntsville, US 1kk16d21h13min46s
United States The Cool Games Salasana 15/16 krassin The Ship Homestead, US 1kk16d21h13min46s
Sweden Daskarn Salasana 15/16 krassin The Ship Linköping, SE 1kk16d21h13min46s
United States Why tho? Salasana 11/12 rubicon The Ship Streamwood, US 1kk16d21h13min46s
Germany Krieger Server Salasana 11/12 cotopaxi The Ship Großalmerode, DE 1kk16d21h13min46s
Netherlands Zaad Salasana 9/10 atalanta The Ship Amsterdam, NL 1kk16d21h13min45s
United States Rapidwolfs Server Salasana 9/10 cotopaxi The Ship Acton, US 1kk16d21h13min45s
United Kingdom Shaggy Ship Server Salasana 7/9 krassin The Ship Glasgow, GB 7d12h9min16s
United States Gimps Ship Salasana 7/8 atalanta The Ship Wichita, US 6d5h59min48s
United States The Pineapples Server Salasana 7/8 batavier The Ship 1kk16d21h13min40s
United States My Peen Is Green Salasana 7/8 atalanta The Ship 1kk16d21h13min45s
United States Berries Salasana 7/8 huronian The Ship San Antonio, US 13d5h44min2s
Sweden smurfe3n Salasana 7/8 huronian The Ship Stockholm, SE 1kk16d21h13min45s
Mexico No-Pal Salasana 7/8 atalanta The Ship Tijuana, MX 1kk16d21h13min45s
Turkey yazo Salasana 7/8 krassin The Ship Istanbul, TR 11d16h41min55s
United States Discord Santa Olypmics 2019 Salasana 7/8 batavier_christmas The Ship Sacramento, US 1kk16d21h13min39s
Netherlands TOOT TOOT IM A SHIP Salasana 7/8 atalanta The Ship Almere, NL 1kk16d21h13min34s
United States Boobs Salasana 7/8 batavier The Ship Plattsburgh, US 1kk16d21h13min44s
Spain aaah la muerte! Salasana 7/8 cotopaxi The Ship Barcelona, ES 1kk16d21h13min46s
United States Billy Serber Salasana 7/8 andrea_doria The Ship Brockton, US 1kk16d21h13min46s
Canada SEX Salasana 7/8 krassin The Ship Surrey, CA 1kk16d21h13min45s
United States URMOM Salasana 7/8 atalanta The Ship Kalamazoo, US 8d6h10min24s
Russian Federation pussy Salasana 7/8 huronian The Ship Tomsk, RU 1kk16d21h13min44s
France URRI Salasana 7/8 raifucu_maru The Ship Clermont, FR 12h2min14s
Canada richard is noob haha just kiddin Salasana 6/8 cyclops The Ship Kitchener, CA 1kk16d21h12min13s

Servers 0-30 of about 50.

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