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Servers 0-30 of about 57.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
India Kemuel's Place Salasana 31/32 rubicon The Ship 1d8h13min9s
Netherlands Ship Server Salasana 31/32 cyclops The Ship Den Hoorn, NL 2kk8d11h11min28s
United States adyck Salasana 31/32 connemara The Ship Ellenville, US 2kk5d1h16min18s
United States Rubber Ducky Playhouse Salasana 31/32 batavier The Ship Chicago, US 2kk8d11h11min28s
United Kingdom Ship Server Salasana 31/32 batavier The Ship Westminster, GB 2kk8d11h11min27s
United States Remox Server haha Salasana 23/24 batavier The Ship Albertson, US 2kk1d19h26min55s
United States jaccboxx Salasana 16/32 batavier The Ship South Windsor, US 9d2h27min10s
United States Kupo Server Salasana 15/16 huronian The Ship Buffalo, US 2kk8d11h11min28s
United Kingdom shipshape Salasana 15/16 atalanta The Ship Sunderland, GB 2kk8d11h11min28s
United States PokerFace Salasana 15/16 huronian The Ship Reading, US 2kk8d11h11min28s
United States Screw yA'LL Salasana 10/24 batavier The Ship Camby, US 2d8h13min59s
United States ben just bought this for everyone Salasana 10/24 atalanta The Ship Durham, US 2kk8d11h11min22s
United Kingdom Chippy Shippy Server Salasana 9/10 batavier The Ship Berkhamsted, GB 2kk8d11h11min27s
Germany RaYcing Salasana 9/10 raifucu_maru The Ship Bielefeld, DE 2d8h14min0s
United States ikbenjam vs the dip Salasana 9/10 cyclops The Ship Bellevue, US 28d2h14min51s
United States The Cool Games Salasana 8/18 batavier_christmas The Ship Homestead, US 2kk8d11h11min27s
United Kingdom FragTest Salasana 8/16 cyclops The Ship York, GB 2kk6d7h20min20s
United States Jvckson Salasana 8/12 andrea_doria The Ship Wetumpka, US 2kk8d11h11min27s
United States the AWESOME ship Salasana 8/12 batavier_christmas The Ship West Salem, US 2kk8d11h11min27s
Finland LUMO GAMING THEAM Salasana 7/8 atalanta The Ship Hämeenlinna, FI 2kk8d11h11min27s
United States SOI Murders Salasana 7/8 cotopaxi The Ship Springfield, US 2kk8d11h11min21s
Finland LUMO Salasana 7/8 cyclops The Ship Hämeenlinna, FI 2kk8d11h11min26s
Finland Jabe Salasana 7/8 krassin The Ship Espoo, FI 2kk8d11h11min26s
United States Epic Mace Salasana 7/8 atalanta The Ship Easley, US 2kk8d11h11min26s
United States The Olus Salasana 7/8 rubicon The Ship Plattsburgh, US 2kk8d11h11min26s
United States Sabs server Salasana 7/8 batavier The Ship Seymour, US 2kk8d11h11min26s
United States shae Salasana 7/8 batavier The Ship Lawrenceville, US 2kk8d11h11min26s
United States Bitchen Salasana 7/8 raifucu_maru The Ship Canton, US 1kk11d1h18min26s
Portugal Gratlez Salasana 6/24 krassin The Ship Funchal, PT 2kk8d11h11min26s
United States monster_'s ship Salasana 6/24 batavier_christmas The Ship 2kk8d11h11min25s

Servers 0-30 of about 57.

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