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Servers 0-30 of about 35.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
United Kingdom The Ship Dedicated Server Salasana 23/24 batavier The Ship Colchester, GB 6d13h45min36s
United States Chompy's Ship 23/24 cotopaxi The Ship Tewksbury, US 2d18h22min30s
Canada RKSzone.com | US East | The Ship Server | Hunt 16/32 batavier The Ship Montreal, CA 1h41min31s
United States GladiatorServers.com US-LAX-1 TheShip Server 16/32 raifucu_maru The Ship 1h41min32s
United States Ship Server 15/16 krassin The Ship Ionia, US 2d19h43min26s
Germany [GER] PIRATES DEDICATED SERVER 13/24 atalanta The Ship Pfedelbach, DE 1h41min38s
Canada Fangly's Murder Cruise 11/12 batavier The Ship Kanata, CA 10d14h16min11s
United States Joel 11/12 batavier The Ship Milwaukee, US 6d1h45min19s
United States JP Salasana 11/12 andrea_doria The Ship Lexington, US 14d19h53min9s
United States stuff Salasana 11/12 cotopaxi The Ship New Albany, US 1kk5d20h9min5s
Canada Ship Server Salasana 9/10 krassin The Ship Edmonton, CA 1kk7d20h11min12s
Canada Sail Doge only 100 easy payments Salasana 9/10 batavier_christmas The Ship Chestermere, CA 1d19h42min46s
United States PDXMM Ship Server 8/24 andrea_doria The Ship Portland, US 1d4h37min1s
United Kingdom NIGEL 8/8 krassin The Ship Darlington, GB 4d1h44min1s
United Kingdom Ship Server Salasana 7/8 cyclops The Ship Widnes, GB 1kk1d6h34min45s
United States ye olde shippe serverre 7/8 atalanta The Ship Sewickley, US 6d19h45min43s
Belgium Fancy Ass Server 7/8 krassin The Ship Gent, BE 2d1h42min56s
Canada Assthetic Salasana 7/8 connemara The Ship Calgary, CA 7d19h46min14s
United States Ship Server Salasana 6/20 atalanta The Ship Lake Forest, US 13d19h52min51s
United States meme 6/6 atalanta The Ship Hanover, US 10d14h16min10s
Netherlands mucosmos.nl Pakjesboot 12 : Cruise ships 5/32 krassin The Ship Enschede, NL 1h41min37s
Netherlands mucosmos.nl Pakjesboot 13 : Steamboats 5/13 cotopaxi The Ship Enschede, NL 1h41min37s
United Kingdom Penis Cake Salasana 4/24 batavier The Ship 1kk1d6h34min45s
Poland G9 Server Salasana 4/15 cotopaxi The Ship Lodz, PL 1kk3d2h7min9s
United States Traps are Gay 4/10 cyclops The Ship Richmond, US 9d19h49min0s
Russian Federation Имя сервера Salasana 2/8 rubicon The Ship Moscow, RU 1kk7d8h9min25s
United States TOMHANKS 1/24 batavier The Ship Irving, US 10d14h16min10s
United States cunt Salasana 1/8 rubicon The Ship 17d1h55min24s
United States AACO's Fun House 0/32 batavier The Ship Chicago, US 1h41min34s
United States Azeroth DS 0/32 batavier The Ship Fairborn, US 9d1h48min25s

Servers 0-30 of about 35.

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