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Servers 0-17 of about 17.

Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
United States 100% The ship Salasana 31/32 batavier The Ship Sidney, US 5d2h27min6s
Canada Nates Ship 23/24 atalanta The Ship 1d2h32min39s
Germany The Ship dedicated server Salasana 15/16 rubicon The Ship M√ľnster, DE 5d2h27min8s
United States Haldo 15/16 cyclops The Ship Lowell, US 1d2h32min39s
Germany Johns Server Salasana 15/16 batavier The Ship Herne, DE 5d2h27min7s
United Kingdom Ship Server Salasana 9/10 batavier The Ship Leeds, GB 5d2h27min8s
United States Ceremor Ship server Salasana 7/12 krassin The Ship Hemet, US 5d2h27min8s
United States Ship Server Salasana 7/8 cotopaxi The Ship Stockbridge, US 5d2h27min7s
Netherlands Annox Salasana 7/8 batavier The Ship Oosterhout, NL 5d2h27min7s
Canada Kill Phil Salasana 4/8 atalanta The Ship Calgary, CA 5d2h27min7s
United States The Ghost Ship 2/32 rubicon The Ship Ceres, US 1d2h32min39s
United States LAN PARTY Salasana 2/12 raifucu_maru The Ship Longmont, US 5d2h27min7s
United States Fjeskawa McJox Salasana 1/32 lyonesse The Ship Orem, US 5d2h27min6s
United Kingdom Shit Server Salasana 1/15 cyclops The Ship Littleborough, GB 5d2h27min7s
United States Bro-oche Bros Server Salasana 0/40 The Exiled Lands The Ship Cherokee, US 5d2h27min8s
United States Captain Baz's Pleasure Barge Salasana 0/16 huronian The Ship Livonia, US 5d2h27min7s
United States A Ship Server From The Dumpster Salasana 0/8 batavier The Ship Hollister, US 5d2h27min7s

Servers 0-17 of about 17.

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