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Servers 0-30 of about 592.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Russian Federation Z -=ZLOY-KF-Hell on Earth-v.1066-VIP-ServPerk... 5/30 KF-Japanese_Garden Killing Floor Tyumen, RU 4h30min29s
United States SG-2 StargateCommandClan.com 5/6 kf-westlondon Killing Floor Buffalo, US 4h30min24s
Canada archive01.org - If you play on other servers you... 3/10 KF-Departed Killing Floor Montreal, CA 4h30min16s
Russian Federation ZOMBIEMANIYA#1|V.1065|TOTALLINE|0-200lvl 2/50 KF-ZMDoom Killing Floor 1d11h1min6s
Russian Federation ZOMBIMANIYA|TOTALLINE|0-200lvl 2/50 KF-ArtGallery_v2 Killing Floor Moscow, RU 4h30min33s
Tuntematon WS-GAMING.EU | NORMAL | 60LVL [#1] 2/33 KF-Station Killing Floor 4h30min42s
Tuntematon [FR/FIN] Server by Marco | Welcome in Hel... 2/26 KF-Offices Killing Floor 4h30min44s
United States ø@@SIREN TORTURERS øøø| @ø@Newcomers welcom... 2/12 KF-ST_Motel_b4 Killing Floor Chicago, US 4h30min19s
Germany KOTQ Killing Floor Server 2/6 kf-bioticslab Killing Floor Berlin, DE 1d11h1min5s
Germany KOTQ Killing Floor Server 2/6 kf-hellride Killing Floor Schulzendorf, DE 1d11h0min55s
Tuntematon WS-GAMING.EU | HoE | 100LVL [#3] 1/19 KF-MysteriousTreesV3 Killing Floor 4h30min42s
France Crazy Madness - Server 1/12 KF-Solo-BioticsLab Killing Floor 4h30min44s
Russian Federation ZALUPA Salasana 1/8 KF-Manor Killing Floor Kazan, RU 1kk15d10h28min22s
United States Shinozaki?Killing?FLoor 1/6 KF-Doom2-Final-V7 Killing Floor Chicago, US 4h30min28s
Germany 1/6 KF-Hell Killing Floor 4h30min42s
Germany Fair-Gamers KF »Normal&Long« Server #1 1/6 KF-Wyre Killing Floor 4h30min42s
Sweden 1/6 KF-Colosseum-v1 Killing Floor 4h30min31s
Germany [ENG] West and Sana's Public HoE KF Server [Perk... 1/6 KF-FrightYard Killing Floor Frankfurt, DE 4h30min43s
Canada |Slipstream Networks #06|Voting|07 Waves|Begi... 1/6 KF-Departed Killing Floor Mississauga, CA 4h30min23s
Sweden @@øShøø@meep@@ø.net øøø| ø@@HARD øøø#7 1/6 KF-Crystal-Lake_KFM Killing Floor 1d11h1min3s
France [FR] EvoLUTION SURVIVAL | UnLIMITED/LIMITED AMMU... 0/110 KF-Helms_Deep Killing Floor Vélizy-villacoublay, FR 4h30min44s
United States 001www.Doc2010.com|Beginner-HOE| 0/50 kf-kfpub-deck17 Killing Floor Stephens City, US 1d11h1min3s
Vietnam Killing Floor Viet Nam 0/40 KF-HeavensGateBeta1-3 Killing Floor Hanoi, VN 1d11h1min3s
United States {v@g}brains-kfserver-perks-6-30-long-custom-maps 0/35 Kf-Hell Killing Floor Dallas, US 1d11h1min3s
Lithuania WS-GAMING.EU | NORMAL | 60LVL [#1] Salasana 0/33 KF-HellGateBeta1 Killing Floor 4h30min36s
Germany GMK-Massaker-Light<>Custom-Perk|Zeds|Weapons<>Lv... 0/32 KF-AtlasB1 Killing Floor 4h30min43s
Germany GMK-Massaker-Medium<>Custom-Perk|Zeds|Weapons<>L... 0/32 KF-Carpark Killing Floor 4h30min43s
Russian Federation CUZUS.ORG - GUN GAME - V1065 0/32 GG-HelmsDeep Killing Floor Krasnodar, RU 1d11h1min3s
Russian Federation [WSB]Killing Floor Server 151 lvl 7 New Perks 0/30 KF-Prison Killing Floor 4h30min30s
Tuntematon WS-GAMING.EU | HARD | 100LVL [#2] 0/28 KF-HelmzdeepGo4pfix Killing Floor 4h30min42s

Servers 0-30 of about 592.

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