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Servers 0-30 of about 653.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Lithuania [WS-GAMING.EU] -=100LVL=- Custom NORMAL | V1065 14/28 KF-Arcade-Shopping-WS Killing Floor 2d6h58min35s
Russian Federation ZOMBIEMANIYA#1|V.1065|TOTALLINE|0-200lvl 9/50 KF-ZMDoom Killing Floor Moscow, RU 2d6h58min18s
Russian Federation ZOMBIEMANIYA#1|V.1065|TOTALLINE|0-200lvl 6/50 KF-STALKER-Prometeus Killing Floor 2d13h59min6s
Brazil Super Ping Bros. | BR #2 6/6 KF-Foundry-HE2 Killing Floor São Paulo, BR 2d6h58min26s
Canada |Slipstream Networks #07|Voting|07 Waves|Norm... 4/6 KF-Crash Killing Floor Mississauga, CA 2d6h58min18s
United Kingdom masterchief's killing floor server(Halloween Hor... 4/6 KF-WestLondon Killing Floor London, GB 2d6h58min44s
United States ToeTags-BodyBags.net 4/6 kf-killbox-final Killing Floor Matawan, US 2d6h58min31s
Brazil øø@Exiled @ø@Coalition @øø*SA* ø@@- ø¢@L... 3/6 KF-Departed Killing Floor São Paulo, BR 2d6h58min20s
Germany KOTQ Killing Floor Server 3/6 kf-westlondon Killing Floor Berlin, DE 2d13h59min3s
Ukraine [UKR] KIEV OTRADNY KF Normal#2 Server 24/7 3/6 KF-WestLondon Killing Floor Kiev, UA 2d6h58min25s
United States dr2cox server Salasana 2/6 KF-WestLondon Killing Floor Farmington, US 2d13h58min53s
Germany Fair-Gamers KF »Normal&Long« Server #1 2/6 KF-Bedlam Killing Floor 2d6h58min43s
Brazil øø@Exiled @ø@Coalition @øø*SA* ø@@- ø¢@L... 2/6 KF-Afghanistan Killing Floor São Paulo, BR 2d6h58min16s
United States [DBN] Killing Floor Server [ Hard | Long ] 2/6 KF-MountainPass Killing Floor Chicago, US 2d6h58min20s
United States Killing Floor Server Salasana 2/6 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor Carnegie, US 28d19h31min45s
United States BRBU Salasana 2/6 kf-manor Killing Floor Washington, US 28d19h31min44s
Bulgaria NGNM Bulgaria Killing Floor HARD 2/6 kf-mountainpass Killing Floor 2d6h58min40s
Germany KOTQ Killing Floor Server 2/6 kf-suburbia Killing Floor Berlin, DE 6d3h18min56s
Germany NANU NANU CULT | [EU] | HARD | 2/6 KF-Mario_BunkerV2 Killing Floor 6d3h18min55s
Belarus Komrad [BLR] [Whitelisted] 2/6 KF-LevelUpThisPerkv03022021 Killing Floor Grodno, BY 6d3h18min54s
Russian Federation ZALUPA Salasana 2/6 KF-Deck16][-fix Killing Floor Kazan, RU 2kk3d13h14min48s
Brazil øø@Exiled @ø@Coalition @øø*SA* ø@@- ø¢@A... 2/6 KF-Clandestine Killing Floor São Paulo, BR 2d6h58min29s
Germany KOTQ Killing Floor Server 2/6 kf-biohazard Killing Floor Königs Wusterhausen, DE 4d7h1min22s
United Kingdom Neilly Peely automobiley 2/2 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor Inverness, GB 7d20h43min2s
United Kingdom Killing Floor Server 2/2 KF-Manor Killing Floor Bexhill, GB 7d20h42min40s
United Kingdom flaps 2/2 KF-Farm Killing Floor Plymouth, GB 7d20h42min40s
France [FR] inVASION INF AMMO |Turrets|!RTD|250MAPS| Fa... 1/180 KF-FacilityBeta1 Killing Floor 7d20h42min39s
Tuntematon [FR/FIN] Server by Marco | Welcome in Hel... 1/26 KF-Applesauce Killing Floor 2d6h58min44s
Russian Federation Proton RPG Mod 1/20 KF-[LT]PoliceStation-V5_N1 Killing Floor Voronezh, RU 2d6h58min24s
Ukraine D'Sparils game - All maps Salasana 1/16 kf-testmap-v Killing Floor Kharkiv, UA 2kk19d15h2min36s

Servers 0-30 of about 653.

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