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Servers 0-30 of about 1214.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Lithuania [WS-GAMING.EU] -=100LVL=- Custom NORMAL | V1065 12/28 KF-No_MercyIII_Fixed Killing Floor 10h10min18s
Germany trabbel.org * srv6 - KF/Hard/Long 6/6 KF-Crash Killing Floor 10h10min21s
United Kingdom Killing Floor Server Salasana 6/6 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor 2kk4d10h4min36s
Sweden @@øShøø@meep@@ø.net øøø| ø@@HARD øøø#7 5/6 KF-GraveHeart Killing Floor 11h29min12s
Ukraine [UKR] KIEV OTRADNY KF Normal Server 24/7 5/6 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor Kiev, UA 10h10min18s
Ukraine [UKR] KIEV OTRADNY KF Hard Server 24/7 5/6 KF-Stronghold Killing Floor Kiev, UA 10h10min18s
Ukraine 6aPcuk Lobby Salasana 5/6 KF-Clandestine Killing Floor Kharkov, UA 1kk14d10h11min39s
Russian Federation Proton Classic Hard WL 4/6 KFO-Haunted-Hotel Killing Floor Voronezh, RU 10h10min17s
United States Killing Floor Server Salasana 4/6 KFO-Transit Killing Floor Columbus, US 3kk-1d0h20min28s
United States Offices 24/7 Salasana 4/6 KF-Offices Killing Floor Tucker, US 1kk12d0h22min5s
Ukraine [UKR] KIEV OTRADNY KF Hard#2 Server 24/7 4/6 KF-Manor Killing Floor Kiev, UA 10h10min18s
Russian Federation [WSB]Killing Floor Server 151 lvl 7 New Perks 3/30 KF-Temple-of-the-God Killing Floor 10h10min11s
Lithuania [WS-GAMING.EU] -=100LVL=- Custom HARD | V1065 3/25 KF-Hiyoko_Abditory_v1-1 Killing Floor 10h10min7s
Ukraine [UKR] KIEV OTRADNY KF Normal#2 Server 24/7 3/6 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor Kiev, UA 10h10min18s
United Kingdom Platoon Killing Floor Salasana 3/6 KF-westlondon Killing Floor Cardiff, GB 2kk23d4h8min23s
Russian Federation Proton Classic Normal WL 3/6 KF-PulsaR Killing Floor Voronezh, RU 10h10min17s
United Kingdom Killing Floor Server Salasana 3/6 KF-Biohazard Killing Floor Bridgwater, GB 2kk23d4h8min21s
United States Skillz Death Kamp 11 | [beginner] TheFPSRe... 3/6 KF-Farm Killing Floor Rochester, US 10h10min1s
Canada Fabre-tastic server Salasana 3/6 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor Montreal, CA 1kk7d0h10min54s
Canada Killing Floor Server 3/6 KF-ThrillsChills Killing Floor Peterborough, CA 2d18h46min40s
Russian Federation LightServer#4 | Hell on Earth | FriendlyFire6% 3/6 KF-Hellride Killing Floor Magnitogorsk, RU 10h10min10s
Canada Chillin Floor 3/6 KF-westlondon Killing Floor Toronto, CA 2d18h46min40s
Denmark Killing Floor Server 3/6 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor Brønshøj, DK 2d18h46min40s
Czech Republic Killing floor by EMIL | HARD | 10 waves | 3/6 kf-crash Killing Floor 10h10min19s
United Kingdom Killing Floor Server 3/6 KF-Steamland Killing Floor Edinburgh, GB 2d18h46min40s
Slovakia ???[gÎEU???]???[ý÷CZE???] Hell on Earth 3/6 KF-WestLondon Killing Floor 2d18h46min40s
United States Krista Join This 3/5 KF-Bedlam Killing Floor Williamsport, US 2d18h46min40s
Russian Federation 124 3/4 KF-FrightYard Killing Floor Pervouralsk, RU 2d18h46min40s
Ukraine TheWergof5 Server 3/4 kf-icebreaker Killing Floor Kharkiv, UA 2d18h46min39s
United Kingdom Tinman 3/4 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor Walsall, GB 2d18h46min38s

Servers 0-30 of about 1214.

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