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Servers 0-30 of about 406.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Russian Federation ZOMBIMANIYA|TOTALLINE|0-200lvl 14/50 KF-Arcade-Skatepark-FIN Killing Floor 1d8h0min55s
Lithuania WS-GAMING.EU | NORMAL | 60LVL [#1] 10/25 KF-Meow-Night-WS Killing Floor 8h0min13s
Lithuania WS-GAMING.EU | HARD/HoE | 100LVL [#2] 9/23 KF-BlastedLandGo4pfix Killing Floor 8h0min13s
Germany [RAMSOR-GAMING.DE] KF SERVER NORMAL 6/6 KF-Farm Killing Floor 8h0min14s
Germany KOTQ Killing Floor Server 5/6 kf-farm Killing Floor Berlin, DE 3d19h31min0s
United Kingdom DILDO FLOOR 5/6 KF-DuoLondon-DF Killing Floor London, GB 8h0min15s
Sweden @@øShøø@meep@@ø.net øøø| ø@@HARD øøø#3 5/6 KF-Icebreaker Killing Floor 8h0min13s
Sweden @@øShøø@meep@@ø.net øøø| ø@@HARD øøø#7 5/6 KF-CS_Office-Final Killing Floor 8h0min3s
Ukraine øø@Exiled @ø@Coalition @øø*RUSSIA* ø@@- ø... 5/6 KF-WestLondon Killing Floor 8h0min12s
Germany Fair-Gamers KF »HoE&Long« Server #2 IJC ... 4/6 KF-MoonBase Killing Floor 8h0min16s
Russian Federation [Kazan-2] Suicidal 3rd lvl-minimum 4/6 KF-Stronghold Killing Floor Kazan, RU 3d19h31min0s
United States Luka's Doghouse 4/6 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor San Jose, US 8h0min10s
Germany KOTQ Killing Floor Server 4/6 kf-wyre Killing Floor Buchholz, DE 3d19h31min0s
United Kingdom Alpina<KF>Gamma 4/6 KF-BioticsLab Killing Floor Consett, GB 8h0min16s
United Kingdom Alpina <KF> Alpha 4/6 KF-HillbillyHorror Killing Floor Consett, GB 8h0min16s
Russian Federation Hardcore Server KF (HSKF) 3/20 KF-Emirates Killing Floor 8h0min13s
Sweden 3/6 KF-Porn-Shop-Beta6 Killing Floor 8h0min13s
Germany * [-=MPC=-] | Normal | LONG | GER * 3/6 KF-Foundry Killing Floor Kelkheim, DE 8h0min16s
Germany KOTQ Killing Floor Server 3/6 kf-westlondon Killing Floor Michendorf, DE 3d19h30min59s
Russian Federation ZOMBIMANIYA|TOTALLINE|0-200lvl 2/50 KF-Pyramid_AVA_FiX1 Killing Floor Moscow, RU 3d19h30min59s
Ukraine [UKR] KYIV OTRADNY KF MUTATOR PARTY Server... 2/6 KF-FrightYard Killing Floor Kiev, UA 8h0min13s
United Kingdom @ø@ServerPro @@øMutatorsøøøandø@@Mods 2/6 kf-westlondon Killing Floor London, GB 8h0min15s
United States ToeTags-BodyBags.net 2/6 KF-DammageV3b Killing Floor Matawan, US 8h0min7s
Russian Federation [FEAR Lab]Server|v.1065| ||FanHARD|| 3-30 LVL ||... 1/24 kf-foundry Killing Floor Lipetsk, RU 8h0min2s
Russian Federation WSB 250 level 5 new Perks 1/21 KF-Cube Killing Floor 8h0min13s
Russian Federation APOCALYPSE#1|Normal|1-100Lvl|3 new classes 1/20 KF-Pyramid2-FIX_Apic Killing Floor Yekaterinburg, RU 8h0min11s
Russian Federation ZALUPA Salasana 1/8 KF-House-R Killing Floor Kazan, RU 17d1h57min32s
Sweden 1/6 KF-THSv4_KFM Killing Floor 8h0min14s
Russian Federation LightServer#5 | Any Difficulty | Friendly Fire OFF 1/6 KF-Biohazard Killing Floor Magnitogorsk, RU 8h0min11s
United States øø@Exiled @ø@Coalition @øø*BRAZIL* ø@@- ø... 1/6 KF-Manor Killing Floor 3d19h30min58s

Servers 0-30 of about 406.

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