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Servers 0-14 of about 14.

Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
India Sewertemple of the hidden Cybermonks 0/32 dys_cybercorp_a106 Dystopia 7h37min36s
Iran, Islamic Republic of NEUROMANCER Salasana 0/32 dys_infect_fixed Dystopia Karaj, IR 14d20h24min41s
Iran, Islamic Republic of FASTERMUTE 0/32 dys_vaccine_compb Dystopia 7h37min31s
Germany Ragetroops Meat Factory 0/32 dys_detonate Dystopia 7h37min35s
Germany Ragetroops Custom Maps Corner 0/32 dys_stronghold_fixed_a5 Dystopia 7h37min34s
Iran, Islamic Republic of TESSIER-ASHPOOL WINTERMUTE 0/32 dys_infect_bx01 Dystopia Tehran, IR 7h37min32s
Iran, Islamic Republic of baux.site [test] server Salasana 0/24 dys_vaccine_compd Dystopia Tabriz, IR 14d20h27min5s
Canada [EU2] Karlofduty.com - Helsinki 0/20 dys_cybernetic Dystopia Toronto, CA 7h37min33s
United States Binary Deli - Jack In, Eat Out. 0/18 dys_fusion Dystopia Loves Park, US 7h37min31s
Germany Unicorn Bootcamp Salasana 0/17 dys_broadcast Dystopia 7h37min34s
United States getDRAFTED 2023 EU Tournament Server Salasana 0/17 dys_broadcast Dystopia 14d0h6min57s
Canada [EU1] Karlofduty.com - Helsinki 0/16 dys_infect_fixed Dystopia Toronto, CA 7h37min33s
United States getDRAFTED 2023 US Tournament Server Salasana 0/16 dys_fortress Dystopia 14d20h37min27s
France LinuxGSM 0/16 dys_injection Dystopia 7h37min36s

Servers 0-14 of about 14.

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