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Servers 0-30 of about 476.

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Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
United States Day of Defeat Source Salasana 33/33 dod_achievement_map Day of Defeat Durham, US 2kk6d10h51min18s
Russian Federation KaHypa DeDa Salasana 32/32 dod_colmar Day of Defeat Tikhvin, RU 21d4h35min16s
United States 6th Rangers Battalion PUB | gameME | Medic | FF 32/32 dod_husky Day of Defeat Mission Viejo, US 10h52min13s
United States 1st Marine Raider Battalion | HLStatsX | FF | Me... 31/32 dod_schlag Day of Defeat Matawan, US 10h52min13s
France [EU] www.fastpath.fr | 24/7 #DODS 30/32 dod_argentan Day of Defeat 10h52min25s
Canada [EU] www.fastpath.fr | 24/7 #DODS 30/32 dod_kalt Day of Defeat Montreal, CA 10h52min12s
France [EU] www.fastpath.fr | 24/7 #DODS 30/32 dod_kalt Day of Defeat 10h52min26s
Russian Federation Day of Defeat Source Salasana 30/32 dod_orange_fight_arena Day of Defeat Novokuznetsk, RU 2kk10d0h51min47s
United States 415Clan.com|Custom Maps & Good Fun | ff-ON 30/30 dod_lennon Day of Defeat 10h52min19s
United States Adult Gamers Community - DOD:S Gungame 27/28 pool_mayhem_beta Day of Defeat Chicago, US 10h52min19s
United States Merrills Marauders | Caen 24/7 | gameME | www.do... 23/32 dod_caen Day of Defeat Chicago, US 1d18h37min2s
United States party /v/an: joke goes here Salasana 22/33 ctf_mandrillmaze_b2 Day of Defeat New York, US 10h32min43s
United States 24/7 Snow Bridge | [247] Clan 21/32 dod_snow_bridge_beta5_1 Day of Defeat Dallas, US 10h52min14s
United States Merrills Marauders | Strand 24/7 | gameME | www.... 20/33 dod_strand Day of Defeat Chicago, US 10h52min14s
United States -=ARP=- Alternate Retirement Plan 20/26 dod_beaverville_3 Day of Defeat Wentzville, US 10h52min11s
United States Merrills Marauders | Full Rotation | gameME | ww... 18/33 dod_anzio Day of Defeat Chicago, US 10h52min12s
United States Merrills Marauders | Ava 24/7 | gameME | www.do... 18/33 dod_avalanche Day of Defeat Chicago, US 10h52min14s
Tuntematon [D.T.B] DOMINATED BRASIL 18/32 dod_orange_indoor_rawk_b4 Day of Defeat 10h52min11s
United States Pewp Pewp Salasana 18/24 dod_flash Day of Defeat Wayne, US 10h52min12s
United States TheVille.org IX - Left4DoD Zombies - Central US 17/32 dod_kalt Day of Defeat Wayne, US 10h52min13s
United States [classickillers.com] Community(Bots Join When Yo... 16/32 dod_palermo Day of Defeat Atlanta, US 10h52min20s
Tuntematon Ð I V I S I O N Ð O N A R H A L 16/32 dod_avalanche Day of Defeat 10h52min23s
United States [9.FJ] Public Realism *Realism in Progress* Salasana 15/32 dod_donner Day of Defeat New York, US 10h52min13s
Brazil DODSBRASIL #5 [MIX] | www.dodsbrasil.com.br Salasana 15/20 dod_coire_rc3 Day of Defeat São Paulo, BR 1kk5d13h21min42s
United Kingdom legacy community server Salasana 15/15 The Exiled Lands Day of Defeat Melbourn, GB 15d11h24min26s
Germany =]HWS[= Ballerbude des Grauens | Avalanche 24/7 ... 14/33 dod_avalanche Day of Defeat 10h52min22s
United States Mothergoose Salasana 14/32 dod_anzio Day of Defeat Colorado Springs, US 2kk5d0h50min45s
Germany No More Defeat in Link's Ass Salasana 14/32 dod_donner Day of Defeat Frankenthal, DE 2kk27d0h45min38s
Germany [DIE]Noob's >>> DOD:S by VOTE [Only] <<< 13/32 dod_colmar Day of Defeat Frankfurt, DE 10h52min18s
Hungary Mindless DoD:S server Salasana 13/32 dod_caen_b07 Day of Defeat Balatonfuzfo, HU 2kk19d16h37min29s

Servers 0-30 of about 476.

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