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Servers 0-19 of about 19.

Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Switzerland Paetli Salasana 29/30 clocktower Nuclear Dawn Rheinfelden, CH 22d2h21min15s
Switzerland Paetli Salasana 29/30 oilfield Nuclear Dawn Rheinfelden, CH 21d15h0min2s
Hungary Játékosok Podcast Private Salasana 24/32 silo Nuclear Dawn Gyorzamoly, HU 22d2h21min14s
Germany --? [xG] Redstone | Nuremberg [NEW] 20/32 coast Nuclear Dawn Nürnberg, DE 8h49min47s
United States Garzer's game Salasana 18/32 oasis Nuclear Dawn Columbus, US 22d2h21min16s
United States Nuclear Dawn Salasana 15/16 rockv19 Nuclear Dawn 22d2h21min16s
Canada Nuclear Dawn Canada 10/32 oilfield Nuclear Dawn Montreal, CA 3d11h59min30s
Ukraine [UA] GameHosting |WWW.SERV-HOST.ORG| Public 6/10 oilfield Nuclear Dawn Kiev, UA 3d11h59min24s
United States ATAG's Axis vs Allies (TFS 4.53) 0/100 English_Channel_1940 Nuclear Dawn Chicago, US 3d21h33min44s
United States Earn BlakeBitcoin rewards with BlakeGames.com MN... 0/32 downtown Nuclear Dawn Santa Ana, US 8h49min45s
Germany --? [xG] Bootcamp EU | Rookie Friendly [NEW] 0/32 hydro Nuclear Dawn Nürnberg, DE 8h49min47s
United States Compete and earn BlakeBitcoins @ BlakeGames.com ... 0/32 downtown Nuclear Dawn Tempe, US 3d21h33min43s
United States Join & earn BlakeBitcoin rewards on BlakeGames.c... 0/32 downtown Nuclear Dawn Chicago, US 3d21h33min45s
Serbia Join and earn BlakeBitcoin rewards on BlakeGames... 0/32 downtown Nuclear Dawn Belgrade, RS 3d21h33min44s
Germany --? [xG] Beta Server | Nuremberg [NEW] 0/32 hydro Nuclear Dawn Nürnberg, DE 8h49min48s
Germany xG Test Server Salasana 0/32 hydro Nuclear Dawn Nürnberg, DE 8h49min46s
United States SteamLUG [US] newbie commanders only 0/24 oilfield Nuclear Dawn Mechanicsburg, US 8h49min43s
Germany SteamLUG [EU] Skirmish 0/24 sk_port Nuclear Dawn 8h49min46s
United States NFOservers.com rentals: New server 0/8 clocktower Nuclear Dawn Ashburn, US 3d21h33min43s

Servers 0-19 of about 19.

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