Day of Defeat: Source servers

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Servers 0-16 of about 16.

Server name: Players: Map: IP: Game: Location: Updated:
Belgium GunGame By Noobeek Salasana 6/20 gg_simpsons_asia Day of Defeat: Source Hasselt, BE 2kk6d21h27min50s
United States +]3D[+Battlefield 5/32 dod_outpost Day of Defeat: Source Atlanta, US 8h52min26s
Canada La Game a Babbo 5/16 dod_palermo Day of Defeat: Source Montreal, CA 1d16h56min40s
United States Day of Fuck Salasana 3/10 dod_anzio Day of Defeat: Source Nederland, US 1kk2d9h33min48s
France FR =MDR= gungame 0/33 3xi_trainmap_mTxServ Day of Defeat: Source Chavagnes-en-paillers, FR 8h52min31s
Russian Federation DoD:S FragsMyas of Yakutsk 0/32 dod_crash Day of Defeat: Source Yakutsk, RU 8h52min24s
Brazil Alugue iTRIO.com.br - Experimente 7 Dias 0/32 dod_anzio Day of Defeat: Source São Paulo, BR 1d16h56min40s
Russian Federation Andy's test zone Salasana 0/32 3xi_trainmap Day of Defeat: Source Moscow, RU 1kk25d21h23min45s
Brazil [Alugue Agora]BlackFriday iTRIO.com.br 0/32 dod_anzio Day of Defeat: Source São Paulo, BR 1d16h56min39s
Germany T2D | HideAndSeek | 1000 FPS/Tick | Fast-DL 0/32 dod_diversion_b4 Day of Defeat: Source Nürnberg, DE 1d16h56min39s
Russian Federation RUSSIAN ARENA 0/32 dod_stadt_b3 Day of Defeat: Source 8h52min30s
United States Bad Company Maryland 1st Reg. 0/30 dod_anzio Day of Defeat: Source Chicago, US 1d16h56min39s
Germany .:Public Server:. |Bots| by eSports Generation.de 0/21 dod_anzio Day of Defeat: Source 1d16h56min39s
Germany Cheese_and_Onion Salasana 0/20 dod_kalt Day of Defeat: Source 1kk3d15h34min59s
India Defeat of Day Salasana 0/16 dod_argentan Day of Defeat: Source 8h52min31s
Germany ParaBellum ClanWar server (RUS/DE) Salasana 0/15 dod_anzio Day of Defeat: Source Frankfurt, DE 8h52min23s

Servers 0-16 of about 16.

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